5 Quality CDN Services for Your Site

by cyrus on Feb 1

Let’s be honest: we all would love our sites to load fast. If you have a lousy web host, that will be difficult to pull off. Even if you have a powerful web host, the amount of static content you store on it could reduce its performance. That’s where CDNs come into play. They serve your images and other static files, so your server can focus its resources on other tasks. Premium CDN plans are not cheap by any means. But here are 5 that small businesses can use to speed up their site without having to go broke:


MaxCDN: they have a very affordable starter plan that might raise a flag for some. The good news is their service is actually top notch and quite affordable. You do need to set up your site the right way to make sure it works hand in hand with this CDN service.

amazon cloud front.

Amazon CloudFront: Amazon’s CDN service is fast and quite dynamic. It won’t be cheap if you get a lot of traffic as they charge extra depending on where you get your traffic from. But one can’t complain about the speed Amazon offers.


Rackspace: when it comes to cloud hosting, these guys are up there among the best. Their prices are more affordable than Amazon.


CloudFlare: offer a complete package to small businesses. Whether you are looking for a CDN service or website security, CloudFlare has you covered. They have plans for more established businesses too.


VPS.net: not only provide cloud hosting services but you can use their service to serve your files faster. These guys are fast growing and have a lot going for them.

Investing in a CDN service won’t always be cheap. But a decent CDN can speed up your website and reduce your server load. It is well worth the investment for small businesses.

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