There are thousands of social networking sites available on the Internet these days, and everyday a few more pop out of nowhere. Every business, whether large and small, should take time to get familiar with those networks that can provide it with a decent return on investment. Small businesses, especially, need to be involved in the popular social networking sites in their niche to get the word out about their business and save money in the process. But even if you are not interested in pursuing social networking services at this point, you should take time to register your brand name.

Going through hundreds of websites to search for your name and reserve your name can be time consuming. Not if you are using some of the social media profile management tools that are available. They not only save you time reserving your brand name across the social media, they make the process painless. If you are looking for such a tool, here are 4 social media username tools you should check out:

NameChk: lets you find out whether your favorite username (which should be your brand name) is taken on those popular social networking websites.

My Friends Call Me: very similar to the above tool. I do love the fact that it classifies the social networks so you know which one applies to your niche. It’s pretty slick too. [click to continue…]


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