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Traffic Secrets 2.0 Review

by cyrus on Jan 16

When you start your own business online for the very first time, you are going to soon realize the challenge of getting traffic to your website. You can have the best website on the Web but if you are not getting folks to visit it, you are not going to have much success. Traffic Secrets 2.0 by John Reese is one of the best traffic courses that money can buy. The first Traffic Secrets came out a few years ago, and it was a powerful course. But the second edition is now updated to cover the age of Twitter and Facebook.

The course contains 12 CDs, each filled with techniques you can use to bring traffic to your site. So let’s see what each CD has to offer:


CD #1: Traffic Foundations

The first CD is the shortest one in the series. Not only you learn how to get the best out of the course, but John goes on to explain his philosophy on generating traffic and building business. Some of the concepts explained in this CD are very straight forward, but it’s amazing how many people ignore them on a daily basis. You may be tempted to skip this CD but if you are new to the business of building traffic, you should listen to the third lesson on this CD.

Traffic Secrets CD 2

CD #2: Market Research and Discovery

A big part of making money online and monetizing your traffic is getting a firm understanding of your market. In this CD you learn:

  • Forum Research: you’ll learn where you need to hang out to gain competitive information in your niche.
  • Blog Research: one thing that doesn’t stop in today’s world is blogs talking about things. By knowing where to look, you can gain incredibly valuable information about your niche.
  • Article Research: looking at article directories and E-zines to find out what’s going on in your market can give you extremely valuable information about your market.
  • Social Media Research: Whether it’s video or social networking sites, you can gain a lot of good info about your market from this new channel.
  • Traffic Research: the most powerful lesson on this CD. You’ll learn how to read trends, how to analyze links, how to analyze traffic, and how to automate your tracking process.


CD #3: Keyword Science – The Science of Keyword Research and Discovery

The third CD is all about keyword research. Not only you’ll learn how to use some of the free tools that are available online, you’ll also get familiar with some of the paid tools such as SpyFu and Wordze. You’ll also learn how to use analytical tools to find out where you are getting your traffic from, and how to optimize your pages to get more organic traffic. A lot of folks hesitate when it comes to taking advantage of paid tools, but there is a whole other life after free tools such as Google Adwords Keyword tool. You’ll learn about some of the more popular paid tools and how you can use them to not only generate new keywords, but also spy on your competitors.


CD #4: SEO Dynamics – Modern SEO Strategies

The fourth CD is all about the strategies that you can use to optimize your site for the search engines (on-page & off-page). In this CD you learn:

  • How to use LSI Keywords to push your Google ranking to a whole other level.
  • What on-page factors you need to pay attention to.
  • How to buy domains that will guarantee you a higher spot on the SERPs.
  • How to optimize your site structure for search engines.
  • How to build links like a pro!
  • How to use a CMS and supplement it with a Site-map to create SEO friendly sites fast.
  • How to write effective press releases to build links
  • How to effectively use Google Analytics for SEO.


CD #5: Content Factory (Long-term Content Strategies)

This is probably the most powerful CD if you are a blogger or the owner of a content site. In this CD, John talks about various ways that you can create magnetic content. Here is what you get:

  • Crash Course: a crash course on how to create your very own content factory.
  • Methods: methods you can use to produce your very own content.
  • Link Bait Strategies: want to be on the front page of Digg or gain lots of links. It’s all covered here.
  • Article: how to write and publish your own articles online and gain back-links.
  • Casting: creating a podcast is nothing new these days. But if you are not doing it now, you will after listening to this.
  • Content Launch: John is a world class expert when it comes to product launches. He shows you how to launch your content too.
  • Production: various methods on how to create content are discussed here (including hiring your own writers).

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