social networking

Social networking is one of the most popular trends these days. Many small businesses and individuals participate in social activities and create lots of user-generated content on a consistent basis. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are all great websites that every small business owner needs to be involved on. In addition to those, there are niche social networking websites that you should take time to get familiar with and expand your presence on. But what if you want to create your very own social networking website? Maybe your niche is too narrow or nobody has thought about creating a social community around it. A few years ago, you would have needed serious funds to get it done, but the startup costs have come down significantly these days.

You won’t even have to start from scratch to go about launching your own social networking website. There are many open source and proprietary solutions that enable you to get the job done. In fact, here are 3 top social networking software that make starting a niche social networking service a piece of cake:

Ning: a year ago, I would have called Ning a service that was only useful to beginners. But the service has been improved in many ways, and it is so flexible anyone can use it to build a social portal or a community around a niche. You can not only create a social community on the site, you can also use your own domain (for some additional fee) to take better control of your social network. [click to continue…]


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