Whether you own a business or just have a blog that you are treating as a hubby, you are going to have to drive traffic to your  business if you want to survive. You can always try paying for traffic and get lots of traffic with pay per click marketing, but that is going to depend on your budget. It’s so easy to spend a fortune and blow through your budget without making real profits. Pay per marketing is effective but you have to be very good at it, and even then you’ll have to combine multiple tactics (SEO, offline, …) to manage your cost per acqusition and increase your margins.

One of the best ways to drive traffic to a website is by using social networking and bookmarking sites to get the word around it. Think about it. If your site is submitted and dugg on, you are going to get a whole lot of free traffic that you wouldn’t get otherwise. And if you have real good content or services that you can offer to your visitors, there is no reason your site won’t get some love from Digg or other social networking community members. Let’s not forget the SEO ramifications of submitting your pages to social bookmarking sites either. Not only you get back-links that could help you climb the search engine rankings, you may even get ranked for highly competitive keywords through your pages on social bookmarking sites.

Taking advantage of social bookmarking sites is a no brainer, but there are hundreds of them around and submitting each page to these sites can be a hassle. Most of these sites require you to create an account and verify them before you can use their service. You’ll also have to manage your passwords, secret questions, and so on. It’s just too much hassle for a business owner to go through. And you can use your time on other more important chores. Thanks to social bookmarking automation services such as Social Maximizer, you won’t have to do it all by yourself.

Social Maximizer is a cool social media automation service that lets you submit your pages to hundreds of social bookmarking services without having to lift a finger. You will have to set a title and description for each entry, but you won’t have to create accounts and submit stories by hand. What I love about Social Maximizer is the fact that unlike other social bookmarking automation services, you get to choose what goes live. That way you can not only avoid spamming these networks but also get more value out of your each entry.


Services such as Social Maximizer are life savers for your business. They let you concentrate on more core business activities and still drive you lots of free traffic to bring down your costs per customer. Best of all, they don’t spam these social bookmarking sites, which means you won’t get banned. Best of all, they don’t cost much (18 cents per submission in Social Maximizer’s case). If you own an online business and are looking for more traffic, Social Maximizer is a no brainer.

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