royalty free

Owning a content portal is not a bad way to start an online business, especially if you are into the publishing business. If you are just starting, getting videos, images, audio, and animation files to make your portal more dynamic could be a bit challenging. That’s why royalty-free content are so popular. If you want to enhance your podcast, add animation to your portal, or want to mix videos, royalty free websites can help. It does help that you won’t have to pay a fortune to get your hands on some of these items.

These 5 exciting websites can help you find the royalty free music, video, and audio files that fit your business needs:

Graphic River: as the name suggests, Graphic River is a marketplace for stock graphics. Includes textures, vectors, icons, and templates.

Active Den: has some killer Flash content for you to take advantage of on your website. Includes music players, galleries, games, and much more.

Stock Exchange: has plenty of free and royalty free images for you to choose from. A great place for bloggers and publishers to look for high quality images. [click to continue…]


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