With Foursquare and other location-based services on the rise, it is now more important than ever for businesses to get involved in their local communities and explore ways they can take their business to the next level using local services. Foursquare, Google Places, and Gowalla are all services every business need to take advantage of. But they are by no means the only ones you need to concern yourself with. These 5 local services are worth a look too:

ALOQA: is a mobile service that keeps you informed on things that are going on all around you. Not only useful to find events and activities to be a part of, but it can help you find new opportunities for your business in your local area.

Appify: Appify is a website designed to help its users discover new applications. It can help you find local and all other types of applications with the help of its community.

We Places: a very fun tool to use if you are into Foursquare. It visualizes your check-ins and lets you share it all with the world. It can also be a decent tool to do some spying in your local area. [click to continue…]


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