Those of you who own an online business have probably gotten positive or negative e-mails about your service from your visitors from time to time. While some visitors are passionate enough to write to webmasters and explain their concerns, not everyone is going to take time to do that. That’s why every website owner should put the effort to add a feedback box to his/her website. Asking for your visitors’ feedback is the best way to find out about your business’ strengths and weaknesses and take your business to the next level.

There are plenty of ways one can add a feedback box to a website. Gathering data is only a part of the process. Working with a service that lets you analyze your data is even better. The good new is you don’t have to a programming guru to add such functionality to your website. These 5 feedback tools let you do that fast:

Kampyle: a feedback analytics package that lets you add a compact feedback button to your website and start gathering some good data from your visitors. The service lets you respond to customers’ concerns, which is nice.

CrowdSound: a social feedback tool that is very attractive and very easy to install. Gives you the chance to get some instant feedback from your visitors.

Monyta: it’s a website friendly tab that sits on the top of your website at all times and gives your visitors the call to action they need to take the next step and give you their feedback. [click to continue…]


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