Many small businesses assume that starting an online store requires a lot of funds and resources. If you plan to run an Amazon.com size store, then you will need to have a strong team and lots of resources. But how many small businesses will want to run such a store? Starting a decent-size online shop couldn’t be any easier these days. There are plenty of tools and services that let you get the job done in an affordable fashion. In fact, here are 5 ways to start your own online shop without breaking the bank:

highwire: a powerful e-commerce platform that provides you with the tools to manage your orders and customers and manage all aspects of your business easily. Gives you control over HTML and CSS too.

Shopify: designed to help you go online with your store as quickly as possible. It has plenty of themes for you to choose from to customize your online shop. It offers SSL, custom domains, and business tools (e.g. discounts, promotional tools, …).

WordPress E-commerce themes: WordPress is a great platform to start an e-commerce website with. It has a ton of plugins that can enhance your store too. [click to continue…]


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