As a business owner, you will have to wear multiple hats. Developing content and creating your own products are not everything you will need to focus on. Promoting your work is a must if you want to get your work the recognition it deserves. Every online business owner should know the basics of search engine optimization. Even if you don’t intend to do your SEO yourself, you should still know enough to make the right decisions for your venture. These 5 SEO cheat sheets won’t make you a SEO master but will save you time learning a bit about this topic:

WordPress SEO Cheat-sheet: many online business owners take advantage of WordPress to manage their content online. This powerful SEO cheat-sheet shows you how to optimize your WordPress site for the search engines.

15 Minute SEO List: contains over 70 factors that you may want to pay attention to get your website higher in the rankings (or at least give it the best chance to go higher).

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