Every online business owner needs to keep track of their website’s information to figure out how people are getting to it, what type of software they use, what their searched keywords are and much more. That information can be gathered and analyzed easily with the help of a decent analytics package such as Google Analytics. Thankfully, these analytics apps are available for iPhone and iPad, so no matter how mobile your business, your analytics data are not more than a few taps away. Here are just 5 iPhone apps that can help you better analyze your business’ performance:

Analytics pro for iPhone: an attractive Google Analytics application for iPhone. It not only helps you keep up with your Google Analytics information, it can be used to print reports or export your information.

WebTrends: if you happen to use WebTrends to keep track of your website’s performance, this free app will help you stay on the top of all your data using your iPhone.

SEO Advisor: not a web analytics application per se, but this app can help you figure out areas of your website you can work on to make it more iPhone friendly. [click to continue…]


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