5 Ways To Build a Paywall in WordPress & Charge for Content

by cyrus on Jun 15

Many webmasters offer all their content for free and monetize their website using AdSense and affiliate offers. There is nothing wrong with that approach. But AdSense in most cases will not provide you with enough funds to keep your business going. Building your own products and offering useful services to your visitors could always provide your business with the necessary funds to go on. Charging for your premium content or using it to better promote your site could also work.

Some large publishers have already started trying the idea of putting up a paywall to fund their operations. You may not want to do this for all your stories. But it is worth trying for some of your premium content to see how it will work. These 5 plugins let you create a paywall in WordPress easily:

Restrict Content Pro: turns your website into a subscription-based community. You can create multiple subscription levels and even offer your audience with a free trial plan.

Google +1 Content Locker: you don’t always have to charge money for your content to have success with this strategy. Sometimes, you can use your so-called “premium” content to get people to share your stories in top social networks. This plugin locks your content and unlocks it when someone +1s your articles.

WordPress Like Locker: similar to the previous plugin in concept. It unlocks your premium content in exchange for likes.

TinyPass: a simple tool you can use to start charging for your content. Payments can be as low as a few cents. You won’t have to change the structure of your site to do so.

Cleeng Content Monetization: allows you to sell articles, videos, images, and downloads on your website. It supports 55 payment methods.

Charging for content may not always work for you. You certainly don’t want to be greedy. Many webmasters have had success offering a lot of free content in addition to paid content to their visitors. Thanks to the above plugins, you can start getting something back for your work.

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