5 Killer E-commerce WordPress Themes

by cyrus on Apr 30

One of the best ways to make money online is by having your very own store. It’s true that services such as Amazon astore give you the chance to start selling other people’s products, but when you are dealing with commissions, you usually end up getting a fraction of what you could be making if you had your very own store. Many newbies are scared of spending money to develop their own e-commerce store. In reality, you don’t have to spend that much of a money to get your store going. WordPress is your best friend here.

There are plenty of premium WordPress themes and plugins that one can use to build a killer e-commerce website. Once you have become more established, you can always spend more money adding more features to your website. At the same time, these themes allow you to reduce your initial risk and test some things out.

To start your e-commerce website without spending too much money up front, you should give these 5 cool e-commerce themes for WordPress a look:

E-commerce: a very powerful and flexible WordPress theme for anyone who is serious about starting an online store. It makes it easy to manage coupons, customers, orders, and even start an affiliate program for your store.

Kidz Store: it’s almost as powerful as the first theme on this list. However, it’s more colorful and designed for niche stores. So if you are planning to sell clothes, toys, or other niche items, this WordPress theme has you covered.

The Furniture Store: an attractive, dark WordPress theme designed for those of you who are interested in selling furniture and products of that nature. Pretty versatile for niche stores.

WP Store: has your classic e-commerce look and feel to it. It’s clean and easy to customize as well. Allows you to manage your customers, orders, and other aspects of your business more conveniently.

Ecommerce Theme: a theme made for those who want to start a small shop online. It’s optimized for search engines and is image friendly as well.

Bonus (for Magneto users):

Universal Shop: if you happen to be a Magneto user or just don’t want to use WordPress to run your store, Universal Shop for Magneto could give you yet another option.

The above WordPress themes won’t run your store for you, but they give you a chance to go live with your e-commerce store without spending a fortune. The rest is up to you.

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