5 Ways To Manage Your Links Online

by cyrus on Jan 28

Many of us rely on services such as Google Reader and Delicious to keep up with the developments in our niches and all the interesting links that we find online. The rumors about Delicious shutting down is not comforting to anyone who has rely on that service to manage a ton of links. Thankfully, there are many other tools that can take Delicious’ place. Here are just 5 tools that can help businesses keep up with their favorite links and topics more effectively:

Flipboard for iPad: a powerful application for iPad that aggregates news, photos, and updates from your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites.

Trunk.ly: a wonderful service that keeps track of your shared links online, so you won’t have to. It supports popular services such as Twitter and Delicious.

The Early Edition: this is one of the best apps around for those who need to keep up with certain topics on a daily basis. It turns feeds into a newspaper, making it easier to keep up with a good number of RSS feeds.

PostPost: a great tool for those of you having trouble keeping up with your Facebook friends. It aggregates links, videos, and other content on Facebook and saves users a lot of time in the process.

Inslices: an efficient tool that lets users manage and share only the content that they deem important. It allows you to share “slices” of content inside of whole articles.

The above tools are not perfect, but they make sharing and bookmarking links a whole lot easier. They make it much easier to keep up.

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