5 Ways To Measure Your Twitter Influence

by cyrus on Jul 1

Twitter is a wonderful social network to be a part of. It can bring your business a ton of traffic and leads. It opens new doors for your business and reduces your acquisition costs too. If you are dedicating time and resources to Twitter, you may as well measure how influential your business is becoming on Twitter. These 5 tools can help you figure that out:

Klout: works for Twitter and Facebook. It determines what your true reach is on Twitter. It also shows you how influential people are interacting with your account on that site.

Twitalyzer: shows you whether you are on the right track with your efforts by grading your account. It takes into account various factors such as the number of followers, frequency of tweets, and retweets. It also tells you what you can do to take your Twitter efforts to the next level.

Visibli: this is an analytics tool for Twitter. Just enter your username to find out how people have interacted with the links you have shared on Twitter.

Twitter Grader: one of the better Twitter measurement tools around. It provides you with a snapshot of your Twitter account. It also tells you the steps you can take to make your Twitter presence more powerful.

Tweet Reach: want to figure out how many people are you are reaching with your tweets? Tweet Reach breaks down your Twitter content to give you an idea on that.

While Twitter is a very powerful social network, you don’t want to be on it just for the sake of being there. The above tools can help you measure your results and show you areas you can work on to improve your Twitter presence.

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