5 Tools To Schedule Tweets Ahead of Time

by cyrus on Dec 3

Building an impressive following online on Twitter and Facebook takes time and effort. Businesses need to have clear content and social media strategies to get the most out of their marketing efforts. Business owners may not have the time or resources to be active on Twitter and Facebook all day. There are tools they can use to automate some of their work. Here are 5 tools you can use to schedule tweets ahead of time:

HootSuite: one of the best social media clients you can buy. You can not only use it to manage your tweets but also your Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social profiles.

Buffer: one of the most exciting social media management tools around. It lets you add the interesting stories you find to your buffer and have them shared on Twitter and Facebook throughout your days.


Social Oomph: this tool lets you schedule your tweets, track your keywords, manage your followers, and handle your DMs.

Twitter Feed: one of the oldest Twitter tools around. It allows you to add your favorite RSS feeds and have them posted every few hours. This is helpful if you want to schedule new tweets without you having to do much other than feeding it a few RSS feeds.

Timely: Timely lets you publish your tweets to your timeline at the right time. Just add your tweets and these guys will find the best time slots for them.

You don’t want to reschedule all your tweets but doing it once in a while is not a bad idea. It can reduce your load and maximize the effects of your tweets. The above tools let you schedule your tweets in a painless fashion.

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