5 Awesome Social Media Cheat Sheets For Businesses

by cyrus on Sep 23

Many small business owners feel overwhelmed with all the changes that are happening in the world of social media. With Google+ rising and Facebook changing everyday, some have trouble keeping up. Some small businesses haven’t even started taking advantage of these networks. If you are just starting with social media marketing, these cheat sheets can help:

Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet: this is a powerful article that provides businesses with ideas on how to use Facebook as a marketing tool to generate leads and build their brands.

Twitter Cheat Sheet: a handy cheat sheet to have for anyone who is having trouble getting started with Twitter.

Google+ Cheat Sheet: Google+ is one the rise. If you are not taking advantage of it already, you are missing the boat. This cheat sheet by Simon Laustsen is a good way to get a crash course on Google+.

Location-Based Marketing for Dummies: services such as Foursquare, Gowalla, and Yelp can provide local businesses with many opportunities to expand their business. This document gives you an overview of how you can get started with location based marketing.

LinkedIn Cheat Sheet: LinkedIn is the ultimate social network for businesses and professionals. This cheat sheet shows you how to get started with LinkedIn marketing.

Running sophisticated social media campaigns can take a lot of time. But everyone has to start somewhere. The above cheat sheets can save you time putting your plans together.

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