5 Must See Quora Topics for Online Businesses

by cyrus on Mar 11

Quora is a great place to showcase one’s skills and learn a few things from others. A few years ago, if you wanted to learn about online business and topics related to it, you could pick up books or follow blogs on those topics. With social Q/A sites such as Quora, online business owners can now share their specific questions with the world and get useful answers to them.

If you are an online business owner just getting your feet wet with Quora, these 5 Quora topics are worth following:

Search Engine Marketing: covers some of the most common questions online small business owners have about ways to market their business through the search engines.

Product launches: want to have success launching your new product to the market? Maybe you want to learn a few tactics to get your product to go viral. These topics are covered here.

Code outsourcing: not everyone has the resources to develop software applications in-house. If code development is not your business’ core competency, you are better off outsourcing some parts or all of it. This thread covers some of the issues businesses have to deal with when outsourcing their code.

Search Engine Optimization: all small businesses are interested in getting leads for free or close to it. Optimizing your site for the search engines is one way to do that. This thread covers some of the common questions on SEO.

Web Marketing:  have a general question on Adwords, Twitter, and other web-marketing related topics? This topic can save you time looking up answers to your questions.

Your turn: please add your favorite business-related Quora threads below.


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