5 Must See Social Media Infographics for Business

by cyrus on May 27

One does not have to be a genius to realize the power of social media for business. Having the right Twitter and Facebook strategy can help businesses reach new heights. The toughest part of the process is selling social media in your organization and getting everyone on-board. These 5 infographics could help you make your point:

Everybody’s Doing It: a powerful infographic that shows you how marketers are utilizing social media. It may be a bit dated but is a good starting point.

The Modern Media Consumer: before putting your social media strategy together, you need to figure out how your audience behaves in the age of social media. This infographic demonstrates what modern media consumers are all about.

The Rise of Social Networking Ad Spending: there is more to online advertising than Google Adwords. Social media advertising can give small business owners the chance to reach more people in a more affordable fashion.

The CMO’s Guide to Social Media: if you are just getting started with social media and have no idea where to start, this infographic should give you a crash course.

How The World Spends Its Time Online: shows you what people do online with their time and how you can take advantage.

Coming up with a solid strategy for social media does take a bit of effort. The very first step is to sell social media across your organization. The above infographics could make the process a bit easier.

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