Manage Your Social Media Process More Effectively with Twitter Lists

by cyrus on Oct 23

You don’t have to be a genius to realize the power of Twitter. Google may be the king of search these days, but Twitter and Facebook are expected to continue their momentum and attract a whole lot more traffic in the future. Following and get followed on Twitter doesn’t stop for weekends and holidays. If you have been active on these sites, you have probably seen all the noise that could be going around. And if you happen to be popular, you are going to have to manage your followers as well. It would have been a bit more difficult to get all this done on Twitter in the past, but thanks to Twitter lists, you can create lists and follow people in a more organized fashion.

Twitter has not yet rolled out the feature yet, so not everyone can take advantage of the lists. But the lucky ones who can will see a new number next to their number of followers. That number will show the lists that you are included on. Obviously, the more you are listed, there is a good chance that more people find you more useful. So lists are essentially #followfriday on steroids.

If you are a small business owner, hoping to gain some traction on Twitter, lists are godsend for you. They allow you to classify the people you are following under different lists and engage them more effectively. You can create public and private lists of people who may be interesting to your business or those who are talking about your business or niche. You can then decide on the message you want to communicate with each and every list.

Lists will also be very helpful for people who get their research done through the social media. Whether it is finding interesting content to read or researching a specific niche, you can easily do it with lists. Let’s say you want to see what people are talking about as far as laptops are concerned. You can easily create a private list of people who talk about laptops (and provide value in the process). You can then check your list on a daily basis to find out the latest blog posts, news, and developments in that world. You could have done that through Twitter trends and some 3rd party tools. With lists, you can easily get it done.

As you can see, lists are going to be very helpful for startups and small businesses that want to get the most out of Twitter. They are easy to create, free to use, and help you manage information more effectively. There is a lot of information and data to look at on these social media sites, and as a small business owner, you should have better things to do than going through the information for hours. With Twitter lists, you can manage your Twitter information more effectively and get more done in the process.

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