3 Decent Google+ Stat Tools You Should Try

by cyrus on Dec 16

Just like any other top social network, Google+ has the potential to bring a lot of leads and business your way if used the right way. You not only have to come up with a decent strategy, you should also analyze your results and keep track of your stats. These 3 Google+ stat tools can more than help:

Social Statistics: a nice tool to use to find out more about the top players on Google+ (people and companies). It shows you the top movers in this community as well as your own stats.

CircleCount.com: shows you popular individuals and pages on Google+. Keeps track of # of followers, latest posts, and comment/+1/reshare stats. It also has some useful information on G+ demographics.

Pluss.es: turns your Google+ updates into a blog. It is not a classic stat tool but makes tracking the progress your posts have made easier.

Being serious about Google+ is more than just opening an account and adding a few posts here and there. You need to add valuable content, engage others, follow a coherent strategy, and keep track of your stats. The above tools could help you do those.

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