5 Must See Google+ Chrome Extensions

by cyrus on Oct 28

Google+ is still growing as a social network. Google continues offering new features on this network to grow the community. Google+ is not perfect though. It is still very young and has a long way to go before reaching its potential. These 5 Google+ chrome extensions do let you get more out of Google+:

Plus Minus: a handy tool that lets you choose which circles show up in your stream.

Extended Share for Google Plus: allows you to share stories on Facebook, Twitter and other networks from Google+.

G+me for Google Plus: this helps you get a better sense for all the content shared in your stream. It collapses your posts and can hide comments too.

RSS Share for Google Plus: integrates Google Reader into Google+. Makes sharing top stories from Google Reader with your circles easier.

Google Translate for Google+: have a lot of friends who don’t always speak your language? This tool lets you translate your Google+ stream.

Google+ is still a very young social network. But it is well worth being involved in for businesses. The above extensions make it possible to manage your Google+ stream more productivity.

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