Facebook 101: 10 Effective Facebook Tips for Small Business

by cyrus on May 21

Small businesses do not have the funds or the resources of those large corporations. It’s tough to throw money at a problem when you do not have any to start with. That’s why no small business owner should neglect Facebook, Twitter, and other similar social networks. These services have leveled the playing field somewhat, giving small businesses the chance to gain a gathering online (using word of mouth and other types of marketing). Getting the most out of Facebook does not require you to spend a ton of money. Sure. You may have to spend a bit on ads to promote your Facebook pages or business. A professional page design could cost you a bit as well. But most tactics you can implement for free.

You can’t become a Facebook guru in one night. But there are simple steps you can take to take your business to the next level. If you are new to Facebook and have no idea how to get more out of it to take your business to the next level, here are 10 easy-to-implement tactics that should give you ideas:

  1. Make a Professional-looking Facebook page: have you seen those Facebook pages that are all over the place. There is nothing wrong with that if it’s your personal Facebook profile that is messy and full of useless content. But your business page should focus on things that matter to your audience. The looks matter too. Your Facebook page could leave a long lasting impression on your prospects, so be careful what you show on your pages. It also never hurts to invest some money to put up a more professional looking Facebook page.
  2. Add Interactive Applications: setting up a Facebook page should not be the only step you take to push your business. Don’t ignore some of those apps that can make it all more interactive for your Facebook fans. No silly apps though.
  3. Throw Facebook Giveaways: Facebook giveaways can be very effective, if done right. We are not talking about those fake Facebook giveaways. Having exclusive giveaways for your Facebook fans can help spread the word about your business and increase your friends on the site. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of Facebook on contests.
  4. Optimize Facebook Page for SEO: The text on your Facebook page does matter to search engines. So does the custom URL that you choose for your page. Some FB apps can help you even do more in this regard. It never hurts to get visitors from search engines for free.
  5. Measure and track Interactions: this is a no brainer. Why would you want to set up a Facebook page and ignore things that happen on it. Treat it as your own web page. If you go through your website’s statistics on a consistent basis, you should do the same with your Facebook page (using tools such as dlvr.it never hurts).
  6. Add a Like Button To Your Website: if you have lots of useful content/pages on your website, you should take time to add Facebook Like Button to those pages. It does help your pages get more traffic and go viral on Facebook.
  7. Add a Like Box To Your Web Page: one of the best ways to increase the number of your friends on Facebook is by giving your visitors a simple tool to connect with you and your business. Facebook Like Boxes are a good place to start if you want to use your website’s traffic to enhance your Facebook presence.
  8. Promote Business with Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads may not be as popular as Google Adwords, but it could be much cheaper and can give you a good bang for your buck (if you play your cards right). There is no reason not to advertise on Facebook, especially when it can be fairly cheap. Testing never hurts either.
  9. Enable Facebook Comments: if you own a blog, you want to take time to integrate Facebook comments into your blog. Your visitors do not want to remember too many things when commenting on blogs. Everybody remembers their Facebook information. Businesses can increase their Facebook traffic by taking advantage of this functionality.
  10. Link Other Social Profiles: there is a good chance Facebook is not the only place you are focused on as a small business owner. Twitter, Posterous, and other services have their benefits as well. It never hurts to link all your social media profiles and give your friends ways to follow you on those sites.

There you have it. These tips are not ground-breaking or too complicated, but they can make a big difference. Facebook is still underrated among small business owners. So take advantage your business has fallen too far behind.

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