5 Ways To Backup Social Media Accounts

by cyrus on May 6

Twitter, Facebook, and other top social networks are great tools for businesses to take advantage of to connect with more people, generate leads, and come up with new ideas. Just like any content your create on your own site, it does not hurt to create backups of your social content. This approach can get you out of trouble when facing the worst case scenario.

Here are 5 ways to create backup up your social accounts:

Tweetbackup: a superb backup service for Twitter that keeps track of your content on a daily basis and stores them just in case.

Social Safe: enables you to export your Facebook data to your hard drive. That includes your photos, albums, and much more.

Backupify: this service powers the first website in this list. You can use it to backup your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, and other accounts to the cloud.

Vaultpress: want to create secure backups of your blog with confidence? Do not look past this service. It is managed by the folks behind WordPress.

Clip Nabber: just like Keepvid.com, this tool downloads your YouTube videos to your hard drive (individually).

Creating backups of your social profiles may cost you a bit but it will be worth it in the long run. Why take on more risk than you have to?

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