65 Ideas on How to Build a Business on Twitter

by cyrus on May 21


Twitter is one of the fastest growing Web 2.0 properties around. Everyday, thousands of people join Twitter and millions of tweets are posted. When you have a fast growing community, you have the potential to make a lot of money. As long as you are there at the right time with the right product, there is no reason you can’t build a business on Twitter. Twitter API is a great way to start building a service for Twitter, but that’s not the only way you can make money on Twitter. With that in mind, here are a few ways to build your business on Twitter:

  1. write free applications for Twitter.
  2. write a paid application for Twitter.
  3. sell backgrounds for Twitter.
  4. create training courses for Twitter.
  5. be a match maker on Twitter.
  6. be a job finder on Twitter.
  7. help others find internships on Twitter.
  8. Promote affiliate products on Twitter.
  9. Make money with your links on Twitter.
  10. create account management services for Twitter.
  11. offer Twitter analytics.
  12. write an innovative URL shortening service.
  13. write an iPhone app for Twitter.
  14. write a Web 2.0 mash-up with Twitter.
  15. create a WordPress plug-in
  16. create a Twitter friendly community theme for WordPress (MU).
  17. build a “yellow pages” service based on Twitter.
  18. help companies build their online reputation with Twitter.
  19. offer Twitter (social media) consulting.
  20. sell your products.
  21. throw Twitter auctions.
  22. throw non-profit events on Twitter.
  23. network with super-connectors.
  24. Build JVs.
  25. drive traffic to your blog.
  26. help others go green.
  27. make money rotating ads on your profile.
  28. create a Q/A mashup.
  29. build a video-Twitter service.
  30. let people go over 140 characters.
  31. build a Twitter chat system.
  32. create a niche Twitter portal.
  33. sell Twitter scripts.
  34. write a book!
  35. create a video-cast.
  36. build a radio-show around Twitter.
  37. build exclusive membership sites.
  38. create a social shopping portal.
  39. offer free services and go viral.
  40. offer horoscope on Twitter.
  41. become a c-level job resource.
  42. create a medial portal.
  43. create a legal Twitter mash-up.
  44. offer fitness services on Twitter.
  45. write a trend analysis app.
  46. create a retweet software suite.
  47. build an innovative Twitter client.
  48. create a movie portal based on Twitter.
  49. sell shirts on Twitter.
  50. raise funds for a great cause (twestivals).
  51. build a troll hunter service.
  52. create a productivity tool.
  53. build an image/file/video service.
  54. provide security services.
  55. come up with new product ideas.
  56. survey your current customers.
  57. poll your followers for new product features.
  58. build an automation tool.
  59. build corporate Twitter management suites.
  60. create voice services for the community.
  61. add Twitter to your sales pages.
  62. advertise on Twitter.
  63. offer tutorial on Twitter API programming.
  64. create an expense management service.
  65. become a tweet-up coordinator.

Did I miss anything?

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