6 Ways To Optimize Your Content for Pinterest

by cyrus on Feb 24

Pinterest is a fast rising social network. It is already driving a ton of traffic to websites that are taking advantage of it. Not every website is Pinterest-friendly though. In order to have success on this site, you need to have superb content with great visuals. It’s a visual community after all. Here are 6 ways you can go about optimizing your existing posts for Pinterest:

  • Add more visual content: we are talking about photos, videos, charts, and things people would want to share. If your website only has text-only articles, you are going to have a difficult time gaining traction on Pinterest.
  • Change your content strategy to target Pinterest: in a perfect world, Pinterest users will love every single post on your website. But we don’t live in such a world. You can always change your content strategy to include Pinterest-friendly material on a daily or weekly basis. Once you get new visitors to your door, the real challenge of keeping them with you begins.
  • Invest in infographics & cheat sheets: infographics, cheat sheets, and charts are not only great as link-baits, they help spread your brand. The Pinterest community loves these types of materials too as long as you are not cutting corners preparing them.
  • Turn your lists into images: this is the approach some sites are using to create Pinterest-friendly material from their existing content. Turning lists to simple, colorful images people can pin could do your website wonders.
  • Engage your visitors: if you get a ton of visitors to your site on a monthly basis, chances are some of them are involved on Pinterest. Producing engaging content for your visitors and giving them an incentive to share your posts on Pinterest is a great idea (using contests, giveaways, …).
  • Become active: having great content on your website should be a part of your Pinterest strategy. But you should also be active on Pinterest. Creating well-organized boards, submitting killer images, communicating with other users, and promoting your account actively all help.

Pinterest won’t do your business miracles. But it can get more people to your door. The conversion part is up to you.

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