5 Ways To Make Money On Facebook

by cyrus on Oct 2

Facebook is a great community to be a part of to catch up with old friends, keep up with the current ones, and even find contacts and new friends. A lot of people do use Facebook to just waste their time, and there is nothing wrong with that. Everybody is responsible for themselves and their own times. If you are a business owner or want to start an online business, you can’t afford to do the same. There are plenty of ways that Facebook can help you take your business to the next level and make some money in the process as well.

Paul Dunay has done such a wonderful job with his presentation on this topic, that everyone should take time to go over his recommendations on this subject.

View more presentations from Paul Dunay.

But while Paul talks about top level strategies that you can use to make money on Facebook, here are a few guerilla style methods to make money on Facebook:

1. CafePress: I have talked about CafePress and how you can make money from it in the past. By using Facebook, you can sell products on Facebook and put more money in your pocket. Here is the app that lets you do just that.

2. AppBank: lets you create your own Facebook app and make money online that way. You can create your own viral app and make money from ads.

3. eBay: a lot of people are making lots of money from eBay. If you happen to be a power-seller and have mastered the art, you can’t afford to not use Facebook to your advantage.

4. Garage Sale: a cool little app for Facebook that lets you create your e-garage sale event online and sell your items to your friends and those who know you.

5. My Merch Store: if you have used Zazzle in the past, you are going to love using My Merch Store to host your own stores on Facebook and start making some money without taking on too much risk.

Whether you are creating your own product and want to market it on Facebook or just want to gain more exposure for your existing business, there is no reason Facebook can’t help you. And the above 5 methods are by no means the only ways you can make money on Facebook. As long as you are creative and can think outside the box, Facebook is your goldmine.

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