5 Powerful Twitter Tools for Businesses

by cyrus on Aug 13

Twitter is one of the best channels to create leads for almost any business. As long as you have a real business that provides real value to your customers, there is no reason you can’t use Twitter to get the word out about your business, connect with your customers, and take your business to the next level. As many experts have said in the past, having a Twitter or Facebook strategy is the wrong way to go when businesses should have a social media strategy. That being said, there are tools that can help your business manage, track, and utilize Twitter more effectively. Here are 5 tools that do just that:

Klout: you are still going to need a social media strategist after using this tool, but Klout can show you how influential you are and things that you may be doing wrong.

Flipboard for iPad: Flipboard is a very fun tool to use for business owners who want to keep up with the latest developments in their worlds right on their iPad.

Tal.ki: adds a dynamic forum to your website, which your visitors can log on to using their social media accounts on Twitter or Facebook.

Rank Speed: combines results from the blogosphere and twitterverse and lets you do a sentiment analysis for results in your niche.

ClickMeter: you can’t have a social media strategy if you do not keep track of the links that you post to your accounts. ClickMeter (which is used to detect click fraud too) is just the tracking tool you’ll need.

Getting the most out of Twitter for your business is more than just posting links and communicating with your prospects. Tracking and analyzing your efforts should be at the top of your agenda too.

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