10 Ways To Promote Your Business with Facebook Ads

by cyrus on Oct 30

In case you haven’t noticed, Facebook Ads is quickly becoming one of the best ways to promote your online business to a targeted set of Facebook users and get more exposure for your brand and your business. Facebook Ads has been around for a while but has recently gotten an upgrade to make it easier for business owners to create and manage their online campaigns. Facebook is the hottest social networking site around. Facebook Ads may not be Google Adwords yet, but it does give you yet another avenue to promote your business online and reach a more savvy set of prospects.

Facebook Ads provides you with a plenty of ways to better target your audience and get more exposure in front of the right audience. With that in mind, here are XXX ways to use Facebook Ads to drive targeted traffic to your website:

1. Destination URL: make sure you have proper tracking in place to see who’s coming to your website from where. Also, provide your targeted audience with an optimized landing page just for them. That should help improve your conversion rate as well.

2. Title: make sure your title is clear and magnetic enough to make people want to click on your ad. You can be a bit creative here but Facebook does have a set of strict rules, so you don’t want to get yourself banned here. To stay on the safe side, you can always talk about the value you provide in your title.

3. Body Text and Image: your body text needs to be compliant with Facebook policies. At the same time, make sure you convey what value you can provide to your visitors. An image can help you get more clicks and will set you apart from amateurs on Facebook.

4. Location: a great way to promote your local business on Facebook. If you have a local offline business, you can always select your city. For online businesses, you’ll have the ability to choose your country or cities that you want to target.

5. Age: if you want to dig deeper and target even more effectively, you can use this option to filter out people who fall outside your target demographics.

6. Birthday: a very powerful feature that lets you target people on their birthday. This is one of the most exciting features about Facebook Ads. Provide your prospects with coupons just for their birthday.

7. Sex: if you happen to own a business with products tailored towards a specific gender, this feature comes in handy. Not as useful as #6, but yet another way to filter your traffic.

8. Workplaces: yet another exciting feature to target your audience better. You can now dig even deeper and target a specific company or organization.

9. Relationship: if your ideal target audience are married men and women, here is the option that allows you to target them more effectively. Use your creativity here. There are plenty of ways to get targeted traffic by filtering out people based on their relationship status. Is not effective in all markets too.

10. Connections: a powerful feature that enables you target your visitors based on their interaction with your pages, groups, and applications. You have the option to target those who are already a fan of your business or those who have not taken that step yet.

It’s a quick overview, but it shows you that you don’t have to rely just on Google Adwords to drive traffic to your business. Facebook Ads make it much easier to filter out unwanted traffic and improve your conversion rates. Don’t forget to test and do it often!

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