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by cyrus on Mar 5

Blog directories can be a good source of traffic for your personal or business blog. You do need to have decent content on your blog to keep people coming back for more. But you can’t just sit on your content and hope for others to make it to your blog. You’ve got to promote your blog. One of the best ways to do that is by making sure that your blog makes it to Alltop. Alltop is the brainchild of Guy Kawasaki, top entrepreneur and venture capitalist. You can think of it as the yellow pages of websites and topics on the Web. But here is the catch. Only quality sites make it to AllTop. So when you log on to the site, you know you are not going to get a bunch of splogs.

Adding your website to Alltop will not allow you to gain more credibility with your readers, it can help bring more people to your website as well. As AllTop grows, your traffic grows as well. So everybody wins. Before submitting your website to Alltop, you want to make sure you have a decent, professional looking website with a decent amount of good posts on it. So if you have just started your blog, you want to take the time to develop 10 or 20 high quality posts before going after top blog directories such as Alltop. Once there, you are ready to submit your blog to Alltop:

Alltop covers a lot of topics, but it’s not perfect. The service is growing, so you may not find the specific topic that you want to list your blog under. That’s not a big issue as you can always go with a broader topic and then ask your blog to be moved to a more specific topic when it’s introduced to Alltop network.

What topic should you list your blog under when you can do so under multiple ones? That’s really your choice. But more specific topics allow your blog to shine more whereas if you go for a more general topic (e.g. Tech), you end up showing up with tons of other blogs and may not get the recognition that your blog deserves. Besides, the more specific the topic you are listed under, the more targeted your visitors will be.

You also want to create your own Alltop page and add your favorite feeds, including yours. That way you can promote your work to others more easily or track your favorite topics conveniently as well. Considering that Alltop is a free service at this point, there is no reason not to add your blog and start getting targeted traffic.

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