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by cyrus on Aug 14

Driving traffic to your online venture should be one of your top priorities. Your goal should be to get your conversion rates as high as feasible to make a profit with your business, but a conversion rate of 100% does not lead to a profitable business. In fact, any number like that probably means that you are not doing a good job driving enough traffic to your website. You can always try SEO and pay per click marketing to increase traffic to your business and generate leads, but what a lot of entrepreneurs are not paying attention to is the power of Facebook Ads. It’s true that being involved in Facebook and having your own fan page up and running can generate leads for you. But in order to really make it on Facebook, you’ve got to take a more aggressive approach. Facebook Ads is a very exciting ad system that lets you target Facebook users by their birthday, how they are interacting with your pages, their age, and even their marital status. These are all invaluable information that can help you reach a more targeted set of prospects.

There are many Facebook ad strategies that you can use to make money online, but you don’t have to be a genius to get started pushing your brand on Facebook. You do need to create a page for your business before getting started. A lot of entrepreneurs that are using Facebook only drive traffic to their own websites. But you should compare your conversions rates from your fan pages and your home page to find out which one is more suitable for Facebook traffic. Once you have done that, you are ready to take advantage of Facebook’s Ad system:

What I like about Facebook Ads is the fact that is very simple to use. So you don’t have to be genius to get started with it. You do want to take time to read the guidelines to find out what you can and can’t do on Facebook. The people behind this system are very strict, and they won’t hesitate to remove your ads if you are not compliant with their policies. You also want to test image ads versus text-only ads to figure out which works the best for your situation.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty. You should use the targeting section to maximize your conversion rate and get the most bang for your buck. Unlike other ad systems, you can get lots of clicks in a short period of time, and you are not careful you can burn through a month of budget in one day. So you want to set up your daily budget right, and you also want to make sure that you are not getting useless traffic. The birthday targeting feature is a great way to offer people discounts for their birthday. The same applies to connections. People who are already part of your fan page should be dealt differently than the ones you want to attract to your side.

I usually stay conservative with my bids to test the waters and find out what people feel about my ads. If I get too few clicks, I’ll increase my bids or try a new campaign. You certainly want to test as many things as possible to maximize your band for the buck. You also want to get your campaign structure done right. Don’t every ad under one campaign. It pays to have a clear campaign structure. It not only saves you time but helps you better track things.

All in all, Facebook Ads is a wonderful system for people who need traffic and leads for their business. Unlike what most people think, you can generate a lot of leads using Facebook if you play your cards right. You can always try advanced Facebook strategies out there but first you’ve got to get the basics done. Creating a fan page, your first ads, and testing the waters is the least you can do.

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