5 Ways To Build an iPhone App for Your Business

by cyrus on Apr 23

The iPhone platform is one exciting journey to be a part of. Apple may be a controlling company, and you may not agree with the company’s policies. But it’s not tough to admit that the company has a gem of a phone on its hands. Add iPad to the mix, and you’ve got millions of people who use Apple products on an everyday basis to get things done. That’s why building an iPhone app for your business makes sense. You never know how many of your prospects use an iPhone to get things done, so it never hurts to give your prospects the tools they need to stay in touch with your business.

Developing an iPhone app is not too easy if you do not know any programming. But you don’t need to know programming to get your business app on iPhone. All you need is a partner to help you with the technical side of things. Thanks to these 5 iPhone app builders, you won’t have to worry about the technical side of things:

BlogApper: a very easy to use and quick way to get your app submitted and displayed on iTunes. If you own a business blog and want to give people an easy way to stay in touch, BlogApper is quite a useful service.

MyAppBuilder: a handy service for anyone who is interested in target the iPhone community. Whether you own a blog that you want to bring on iPhone or start selling your products on the platform, MyAppBuilder enables you to get a fast start for as low as $29 a month.

uBuildApp: uBuildApp is another easy to use iPhone application development service that makes it easy to bring your ideas to life. It costs as little as $99 to get your app live.

Kanchoo: an iPhone application builder for news organizations. If you own a news portal or a blog and want to bring it to iPhone platform, this app has you covered. You can monetize your app as well. The cost is $88 up front plus $28 a month for hosting your app.

App Incubator: my favorite service on this list. It targets those who have an idea for an app but do not have access to programmers to implement their idea. Lets you bring your ideas to life.

What’s your favorite iPhone development service?

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