4 Forum Software To Start Your Own Board

by cyrus on Jan 15

Whether you are a blogger, a small business owner, or work for a start-up with a handful of products, you always want to give your visitors and customers a way to communicate with you and each other and share information. Forums have long been used by companies for support purposes. It’s so easy to address the concerns of your customers by putting up a forum and responding to their questions on a consistent basis. Best of all, there are plenty of open source forum software solutions that you can use to save money and get yourself a head start in the process.

If you are looking for a forum software that lets you start your own business forum and save time in the process, here are 4 forum scripts you should take a look at:

PHPBB: a free software solution that gives you the chance to build a killer forum without spending too much money. You can always enhance the functionality of this script and even get help.

vBulletin: one of the best forum software solutions on the market. It’s not a cheap solution and is designed for those who have a commercial forum in mind. Many top forums on the Internet are taking advantage of vBulletin as it’s secure and easily customizable.

bbPress: if you have used WordPress in the past, you are going to find bbPress very familiar. It’s designed by the makers of WordPress to enable you to set up your very own forum fast. It’s almost as easy to install as WordPress.

Simple Machines Forum: one of my favorite forum software solutions on the web. When I started my first forum, I had a lot of trouble in terms of security. SMF did help me set up a more secure forum. The code is easy to change and customize as well. It comes with themes, calendar, image upload, and more.

There are plenty of other forum software solutions on the market. You can spend weeks going through all of them. You want to make sure you pick a solution that is scalable and easily customizable. Being able to enhance to functionality of your forum easily is a big plus as well. Setting up a forum can go a long away towards helping you build a more solid community. Just don’t jump into it with the wrong piece of software.

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