3 Premium Article Distribution Services for Businesses

by cyrus on Feb 5

Article marketing is one of the oldest ways of driving traffic to a website. It’s in fact one of those few methods that works all the time as long as you know what you are doing. In reality, you are not going to get a huge boost of traffic from a single article. But if you keep at it and produce high quality, exciting articles on a consistent basis, there is no reason you can’t build a decent following online. Of course, when you write a decent article, you want to make sure you get as many eyeballs on it as you can. One way to do that is by taking advantage of premium article distribution services. These services let you submit your articles to top directories without having to create an account with each site. That not only saves you time but lets you get more out of your articles as well.

If you are planning to go beyond E-zineArticles and get more out of your existing articles, the following article distribution services are worth a try:


My Article Network: is a hybrid article/blog system that can get you lots of back-links and traffic from the blog network that is My Article Network. Your articles are put on highly ranked websites in your niche, and you not only get relevant back-links, but a whole lot of targeted traffic. It gives you much more flexibility as far as your links and content are concerned in comparison to other article distribution services.


Isnare.com:  a top article promotion service for small businesses that lets you get more exposure for your articles and increase traffic to your website in the process. Isnare is an article directory and an article submission service. You can submit your articles to up to 40,000 sites by using Isnare’s premium service.


Article Marketing Automation: very similar to My Article Network, but Article Marketing Automation has its own collection of highly relevant sites that you can submit your articles to and get links back to your website. Their goal is to have thousands of articles their customers can submit articles to.

Of course, you can always stick by EzineArticles and ArticleDashboard.com. Those two sites can get you lots of traffic as well if you come up with high quality content on a consistent basis. If you want to go above and beyond what those two sites have to offer, the the above article promotion services are worth a look.

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