25 Ways Drive Traffic To Your Business

by cyrus on Jun 19

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Whether you are an online business owner or own an offline local business, you can use the power of the Internet to your advantage to drive leads to your business and increase your profits. You can have the best local, national, or international product in the world. But if people don’t know about what you are offering, they are not going to come to you for your business. Every business owner wants more Internet traffic, but not everyone goes about getting online traffic the right way. There are thousands of ways to get traffic for your business. You just have to decide which traffic source matters to you the most, and whether it’s worth your effort to pursue non-traditional traffic generation sources.

If you are a business owner and looking for more traffic for your business, here are 25 ways you can go about increasing the size of your audience:

  1. SEO: search engine optimization is the cheapest way to get traffic. You got to have a search engine optimized website however (SEO resource).
  2. Pay per click: getting traffic from Google Adwords or Yahoo! search marketing is one of the best (but expensive) way to get traffic (resource).
  3. Twitter: is quickly becoming a great source of traffic for businesses.
  4. Facebook: another great social network to get traffic to your website.
  5. Social News Sites: sites such as Digg and Reddit can be effective traffic drivers as well (submission service).
  6. Directories: should be a part of your SEO efforts (submission service).
  7. Blogs: displaying your content on other blogs can help too (resource).
  8. Facebook Ads: you can advertise on Facebook to get more traffic as well (Fads)
  9. Article Marketing: pushing your products with articles can help too (EzineArticles).
  10. LinkedIn: a great way to reach to your target audience and gain their business.
  11. YouTube: doesn’t need any introduction. Great for going viral.
  12. StumbleUpon: advertising on StumbleUpon or just getting your site voted by the community can drive big traffic to your site.
  13. ClickRiver: advertising on Amazon can be another decent way of driving traffic (CR).
  14. Giveaways: giving away things is one of the best ways to go viral online (just give away an iPhone 3G S or another hot gadget).
  15. Free service: you can also put up your service up for grabs to go viral.
  16. Information: giving away information for free can help as well (e.g. reports).
  17. Newsletter: building a killer newsletter gives you access to targeted leads (Aweber).
  18. Podcast: what a better way to get some following going with a killer podcast.
  19. Video-cast: creating a video show on the web can help your business generate leads.
  20. Blog: still one of the best ways to drive traffic to your business. Easily set up your site with WordPress.
  21. iPhone: building an iPhone application for your business helps too.
  22. Offline Marketing: you can always give away business cards, brochures, pens, and … (offline marketing).
  23. Blog Comments: commenting on other blogs can build your traffic gradually.
  24. Forums: your signatures on niche forums can build your traffic gradually as well.
  25. Affiliate Program: creating your own affiliate program is another cool way to build traffic (idev).

Stay tuned for the 2nd part of this series for more specific ways to drive traffic to your business.

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