4 Ways To Create An Answers Website

by cyrus on Sep 24

LinkedIn and Yahoo! Answers are great communities to be a part of. But you do not own the questions on those sites nor have any control on what is asked and answered on them. Having a Q&A section on your business website can help your prospects and existing customers share their questions and concerns with you or your community and get the help they need fast. You don’t have to spend a fortune to implement such a solution. WordPress and PHP make it easy to set up an answer site fast. These 4 Answer scripts / themes are all you need:

WP-Answers: a powerful plugin that can turn any WordPress website into a Q/A website. It can grab relevant questions from Yahoo! Answers too (though we don’t recommend using that feature).

Question Answers Script: a SEO-friendly, secure script that lets you create stand alone Q&A websites for your business without making major changes to your existing portal.

Instant Q&A: the best WordPress theme for Yahoo! Answer type websites. It’s quite easy to customize and very dynamic. It has a decent reputation system too.

Answers: another powerful WordPress theme that lets you start a Q&A community around your business or niche. Great for support websites too.

As you can tell, starting an question/answer website for your business does not have to cost you a fortune. You do want to plan carefully to make sure your Q/A section stay on track and meets your goals. Thanks to the above scripts, you won’t have to spend too much time coding.

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