5 Data Visualization Tools You Should See

by cyrus on Oct 29

Those of you who have owned your business for a while or have been around business professionals in the past know the power of visuals. These folks use visuals to make presentations, convey information to their team, and get their business done more effectively. Visuals can be very for online businesses too. Flowcharts, site maps, and diagrams can help business owners get their minds together and get things done more effectively. Thanks to these 5 tools, you can start making sense of data using diagrams and visuals right now:

Visualizing.org: it is not necessarily a tool per se, but it is a community of people who try to make sense of their data through diagrams and charts. Just explore the diagrams available through this website to get some ideas for your own. Some of these visuals can actually save you time.

Spicynotes: a powerful tool that lets you create powerful visuals to help your visitors explore your website more effectively. It can handle other types of charts too.

Slatebox: a collaboration tool that you can take advantage of to brainstorm and communicate more effectively with your team. It has a very easy to use interface and supports all kinds of diagram components.

Antetype: an awesome visual service that enables designers to come up with prototypes quickly. Just drag and drop widgets to get started with your prototype.

Bubbl.us: it can be used to create flow charts and visuals online and share them with the world. It can be a very useful tool for brainstorming.

The fact that you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to use the above tools is not too shabby. The above services let you make sense of data using visuals, saving you time and effort in the process.

Any suggestions?

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