Turn your Smartphone or Tablet into a Scanner: 4 Apps

by cyrus on Apr 27

We all digitize some of our most important documents at work. Unfortunately, scanners are not always portable or easy to carry around. There are portable scanners available on the market but you will have to pay a considerable amount of money to get your hands on a quality model. These 4 apps let you use your iPhone, iPad, or Android device as a scanner:

Scanner Pro: one of the best scanner apps on the market for iOS devices. It scans your documents and processes images smartly. You can protect your documents with passwords and send them to your Mac or PC easily. The app supports Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Docs.

JotNot Scanner Pro: turns your iPhone into a portable scanner. It handles whiteboards, business cards, notes, recipes, photographs, and everything in between. It lets you send faxes too.

CamScanner: compatible with Android devices, CamScanner can scan receipts, bills, tax documents, business cards, books, resumes, and notes. This tool can auto-detect edges of images, auto-crop and auto-enhance images. You can use it to create multi-size PDF files.

Handy Scanner Free PDF Creator: a free application that turns camera pictures into print-ready PDF documents. Lets you capture, enhance, and share documents on the go. OCR is supported through Google Docs.

These apps are affordable and save you time scanning documents using your tablet or smartphone. Using them beats having to carry a scanner around.

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