3 Awesome SSH Clients for iOS and Android

by cyrus on Mar 23

Anyone who has run a website on a premium server knows about SSH and some of its capabilities. You can use it to connect to your server, move files, run commands, and do all kinds of neat things. Clients such as Putty and Terminal allow you to make SSH connections on Windows and Mac machines easily. If you need to connect to your sever from your mobile device, these 3 apps have you covered:

iSSH – SSH / VNC Console: an awesome SSH client for iPad. It has all kinds of fun bells and whistles. It supports multitasking. Works in portrait and landscape modes. Telnet, VNC, and RDP all work on WiFi, 3G, and EDGE.

ConnectBot: an open source SSH client for Android devices. It offers simultaneous SSH sessions and allows copy/paste between other applications.

SSH2GO: works great on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It works in landscape and portrait mode. It gives you access to control keys too. It has unlimited programmable keys.

These mobile SSH clients are pretty decent and let you control your server on the go. There is a lot to like about these.

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