5 Tools To Measure Your Social Influence With

by cyrus on Sep 2

A lot of businesses are taking advantage of social media as a channel to generate leads, lower their costs, and grow. If you have invested a lot of time and effort into building a coherent social media strategy, you want to make sure to measure your influence to see if you are on the right track. These 5 tools let you measure your influence in the world of social media:

Klout: does not need any introduction. It uses your information from various social networks to show you how influential you are and what your true level of reach is. It shows you who you influence and what topics you are influential about.

PlusClout: Google+ may have been launched just a short while ago but it is already being used by a ton of people. This cool tool shows you how influential you are in the G+ community.

Twylah: a handy tool that lets you get more out of your Twitter experience while enhancing your influence and gaining more followers for your business. It can be a useful tool to promote your brand with.

TwentyFeet: a social media aggregator that keeps track of activities and lets you manage your influence from one place. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and a few other services are supported.

Peer Index: takes into account the content that you have shared and the connections that you have built on social networking sites to measure your influence.

Which one of these tools do you use the most?

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