5 Exciting Search Tools You May Have Missed

by cyrus on Nov 26

The game of online search is changing everyday. Google and Bing are great search engines, but with social networking websites becoming more popular, searchers expect to get more out of their search experience. There are plenty of small search engines that offer searchers that could make life much more convenient for their visitors. Here are just 5 search tools to be excited about:

blekko: a slash tag search engine that allows searches to get most out of their search experience. It supports plenty of nifty search tricks to help users find what they need faster.

Qwiki: still in early stages, but it offers a very different search experience that what users can get from Bing and Google. Its audio-visual information is quite impressive.

Sentimnt: these days, we get our information from all kinds of sources. Sentimnt keeps track of things you review so you don’t have to. It supports Google Reader, RSS feeds, and much more.

Rank Speed: it searches the blogosphere and Twitter and provides you with the community’s sentiments. It rank results by any sentiment entered as a keyword: “excellent”, “easy”, and more.

Reask: based on a very interesting concept, it allows searchers to get instant answers from people who they are connected with. We will see more search engines of this type in the future.

Have you tried any of these tools?

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