5 Ways To Check Your Website for Malware

by cyrus on Jan 28

No matter how careful you are about what you put on your website, there is a chance it could get hacked and infected with malware. As a webmaster, your goal should be to catch hack attacks and malware injections as fast as possible (ideally before they do any damage to your community and its search engine rankings). These 5 tools let you fight back against malware on your website:

BackupBuddy Plugin: quite useful for those of you who run your website using WordPress. It not only automates your backups, it monitors your content for malware. It provides support for cloud storage services.

Sucuri: a nice tool to give you peace of mind against malware attacks. It scans and checks your website for malicious code and lets you know when things go wrong. It is actually a very affordable service too.

CodeGuard: creates backups of your website and monitors it for any changes. It lets you undo changes and save yourself some time in the process. It alerts you and gives you options on how you can react.

BitDefender 4 Blogs: gives you a helping hand when it comes to handling spam and malicious comments that get posted to your site.

Antivirus for WordPress: another decent anti-virus solution for WordPress webmasters. It scans your database and templates.

As a webmaster, you owe it to your business and your visitors to check your website’s code for malware on a regular basis. These 5 tools help you do just that.

Your take: which anti-malware tool are you using to keep your website free of viruses and malicious code?

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