4 Quality Website Monitoring Services for Small Business

by cyrus on Dec 31

Running an online business and trying to keep growing it at all times are hard enough. Having to worry about site downtime could be distracting and discouraging at times. Thankfully, small businesses do not need a dedicated IT team to get notified when their servers are experiencing issues. These 4 website monitoring services can alert them as soon as things start to go wrong:

Pingdom: what we have used in the past to keep track of our websites. It has flexible settings and a complementary iPhone application to help you keep up with your website anywhere.

SiteUptime: a no nonsense service that runs every 2, 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes and sends you reports when your site fails. It is an affordable service all around. The advanced plan offers SMS alerts, SSL monitoring, and multiple monitors.

Mon.itor.us: a free website monitoring service that provides internal and external monitoring as well as load testing for your servers (not all of these services are free). It provides you with real time charts and easy to follow interface.

WatchMouse: the perfect choice for more established businesses. These folks have a very impressive track record. Support email, Twitter, and SMS alerts. Not cheap by any means though.

If you have a business website that is critical to your venture’s success, the above services can keep track of it at all times and inform you when things go wrong.

Have you got any suggestions?

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