5 Cool Image Optimization Tools for the Web

by cyrus on Apr 13

As a webmaster, your goal should be to provide your visitors with the best content possible. Their experience on your site matters too. If your site is slow, it could turn them off. There are plenty of ways to speed up your website. The easiest way to do so is by reducing the average size of images used on it. These 5 image optimizers help you do that fast:

Smush It: a brilliant tool by Yahoo! that reduces the size of each image you provide it with. It is a lossless tool so your images won’t show a dramatic drop in quality.

Kraken: a user-friendly tool to optimize your GIF, PNG, and JPEG files. It lets you optimize multiple images at once. Kraken has Chrome and Firefox add-ons too.

Riot: this tool has been around for quite some time. Includes all kinds of image files. It has a dual view which you can use to compare originals vs. optimized images.

Shrink O’Matic: an Adobe Air application that gives you a ton of options when it comes to optimizing your images. It works on multiple platforms.

Image Optimizer: this is a pretty simple online tool that optimizes your images based on the quality and dimensions that work for you. You can also download this to your computer.

These tools are free for the most part and optimize your images for the web. They can speed up your website significantly.

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