How To Create Infographics – 6 Tools

by cyrus on Jan 21

Infographics have been quite popular on Facebook, Twitter, and other social websites. If done the right way, they can help businesses attract a ton of links to their web properties and get a lot of love in the top social networking sites. Most businesses are better off hiring experts to help them create infographics. But that could cost money. If hiring a designer to help you with creating infographics is not something you can handle in your budget, you can always create your own. Here are just 6 tools businesses can use to create their own infographics:

Adobe Illustrator: a professional software from Adobe that every professional publisher or designer needs to have. Mastering it can take a bit of time. Illustrator is not a cheap product by any means. At the same time, it has all the power one would need to create a killer infographic.

Gap Minder: gives you access to a ton of data you can use to perfect your infographics. It can save you time doing research.

StatPlanet: offers you access to useful data and makes the process of creating visuals more straightforward. The MapMaker software is pretty useful too.

Wordle: it is a simple to use tool that creates text visualizations on the fly. You can submit your blog URL, add your own text, and any other type of text content to this service. The above image was created from i-netpreneur’s content.

Hohli: want to create charts online without having to spend a fortune on a design software? Hohli has you covered. It can create all kinds of charts and is easy to use.

Many Eyes: allows you to create various types of visuals from your very own data. Just import your data set, choose your visual type, and you are set.

What are your suggestions? Which tools do you rely on to create infographics for your business?

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