4 Awesome FTP Clients for iPhone & Android

by cyrus on Mar 16

In order to access your files on your web server, you are going to need a decent FTP client. It would certainly make your life easier when it comes to manipulating files and moving things around on your server. These 4 FTP clients let you access your files on your iPhone, iPad or Android device:

FTP on the Go Pro: one of the best FTP clients around for iOS. It supports FTP, FTPS, and SFTP connections. It offers enhancements for the iPad too. Downloading and uploading files in this app are easy.

Gusto: a code editor and FTP client for iPad. It offers syntax highlighting, tabbed editing, and support for FTP & SFTP.

AndFTP: a FTP, FTPS, SCP, and SFTP client for Android. You can download, upload, and synchronize files with this app. SSH RSA/DSA  keys are supported too.

FTP Client Pro: if you just need a FTP client without all the bells and whistles of the other apps on this list, FTP Client Pro is worth checking out. It lets you view and edit files and upload images to your server.

If you need to access your server files on the go on iPhone or Android, you can’t go wrong with the above apps.

Your take: what’s your favorite mobile FTP client?

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