Design Your Own Infographics – 5 Tools

by cyrus on Jun 1

The SEO industry has gone through many changes over the years. But the recent algorithm updates (Panda and Penguin) have forced many webmasters to take a close look at how they optimize their websites for search engines and build links for them. One of the best ways to gain quality links to your website is by publishing killer infographics.

Designing infographics from scratch is not easy if you don’t know anything about designing. We have already covered a few infographic designers that could develop killer designs for a fee. These 5 infographic tools let you create your own visuals regardless of your design skills: a do it yourself infographic design tool anyone can use to put together attractive visuals. Just do the research and let this tool do the rest. not only has tools to help you create basic infographics, it gets you in touch with top infographic designers too.

Wordle: a simple but useful tool for developing attractive word clouds. You can create word clouds from specific URLs or with your own keywords. this tool is still in beta but offers you a drag and drop interface to prepare your infographics with.

Knoema: a pretty handy tool for data visualization projects. It lets you use your own data to put together visuals quickly. These guys have 632 datasets, 18,840,000 time series, 275,000,000 data points as well.

Learning how to design an infographic by yourself can take a bit of time. Thanks to the above tools, you can put together your infographics more conveniently.

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