6 Must see Mac Apps for Business

by cyrus on Feb 18

Mac devices are online businesses’ best friends. They may not be as popular as Windows machines but they do offer a less painful computing experience than those machines. Thanks to Apple’s Mac App Store, people now have more reasons to pick up Macs for their business. There are plenty of powerful applications available in Mac App Store for business and beyond. Here are 6 Mac apps online business owners should check out:

BusyCal: a Mac calendar on steroids. It not only lets business owners keep up with their daily chores, it can handle to-do lists too. It syncs with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch via MobileMe, Google Calendar, and iTunes.

Billings on the Mac: a premium application for those of you needing a software solution to handle quoting, invoicing, and time tracking for your business. It has a number of attractive templates and has a companion iPhone app.

MOAppsClippings: a handy application that can keep track of thousands of clippings to make life easier for business owners doing research or keeping track of multiple sources of information.

OmniGraffle Pro for Mac: does not need any introduction. It is one of the most powerful applications to create diagrams, charts, and other business documents in a professional manner.

iProcrastinate for Mac: an intuitive and easy to use task manager for your Mac. It has a companion iPhone application that keeps you synced up and ready to go at all times. It can handle simple and repeating tasks.

Smart Recorder on Mac: it allows you to record and take notes at the same time. You can use tags to go through your recordings more conveniently.

If you own a Mac computer compatible with Mac App Store, the above apps can help you get more done on your machine and save money in the process.

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