5 Tools To Dig Up Your Competitors’ Keywords

by cyrus on Aug 20

There is no shame in spying on others in the business world. As long as business owners can use the data gathered to make decisions to improve their businesses, there is no reason they should not do it. In order to effectively spy on your competitors, a decent set of tools is required. Spending hours each day to keep track of what others are doing is not the best way to use your time. These 5 keyword spy tools can solve that problem.

iSpionage: iSpionage is a complete solution for all your PPC racking needs. It can help you protect your brand, measure your campaigns against those of your competitors’, and build more sophisticated keyword lists.

Keyword Spy: designed for all types of businesses, it lets you spy on your competitors’ paid ad campaigns and find out the keywords they are using to drive traffic to their business. It can give you a rough idea of how much your competitors are spending too.

Compete: a must have tool for all small businesses. It provides you with all kinds of useful information about your website, your market, and the players involved in it. Compete can show you areas you need to work on to improve the performance of your website over the long run.

TweetBeep: while keeping track of your competitors’ paid keywords is nice, you do not want to forget about their social media campaigns and activities. Tweetbeep is a simple to use that lets you set up alerts for your competitors’ brands and top keywords to keep track of them all the time.

Alerts Grader: similar in some ways to the previous tool, you can take advantage of this tool to keep track of your competitors online and save time in the process. It makes going through Google alerts convenient. The LinkedIn and Twitter alerts features are nice to have as well.

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