5 Best Sites for Premium Site Templates & Scripts

by cyrus on Aug 27

There was a time when people had to spend thousands of dollars to get a decent website up and running. Those days are long gone. Solutions such as WordPress and Joomla give business owners the chance to bring their businesses online without spending a fortune on a content management system. There are websites that sell premium themes and plugins for these open source solutions. Technically, one could start a killer website without having to spend over $1000. As a business owner, you always want to test every aspect of your website and add new features to it. But the first step shouldn’t be too difficult if you adopt WordPress or Joomla.

Whether you are interested in starting a forum, an e-commerce website, or just a corporate blog, there are premium themes/templates out there for you to take advantage. Here are 5 websites you can get them from:

Rocket Theme: while it does have templates and themes for all kinds of open source solutions on the market, its Joomla! and PHPBB templates stand out. Rocket Theme’s templates are very well designed and look professional (mostly).

Theme Forest: Theme Forest has all kinds of templates for you to download. These templates work for you no matter at what stage of development your business is. Some of Theme Forest’s WordPress themes are legendary.

WooThemes: one of the best WordPress theme membership clubs around. Since we are talking about GPL themes, you can use these themes on as many websites as possible. Great starting place if you are looking to start a blog.

Code Canyon: Theme Forest’s sister site, Code Canyon has some of the best premium scripts you can use to enhance WordPress or other platforms you may be using to run your website. It has plenty of PHP, CSS, Javascript, and ASP scripts for you to choose from.

Templatic: this is quite a unique theme membership site for WordPress fans. It focuses on business themes (e-commerce, consulting, sales, …). Whether you want to sell your e-book, start an online store, or just build a website for your restaurant, Templatic themes have you covered.

Buying a theme is not going to magically make all your problems go away. But it can save you time and let you focus on more important business chores.

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